Mrs. Guilford's & Mrs. Wesche's First Grade
     So we have been busy, busy, busy this year already!  We've taken a trip to the Alfred Farm and enjoyed all that the farm had to offer, headed to the Arctic and realized how freezing it would be if we didn't have blubber, and also did an experiment to see what having blubber would do to our body heat...it was definitely warmer when we dove into the icy water once we tried on some blubber!  We continue to learn about habitats and recently started learning about the desert and can't wait to take our trip to the hot sandy desert and see what life is like there. 
    We look forward to traveling to new places and learning more about numbers, reading words to discover more about the world and the things we can imagine.  
    Looking ahead we are excited to celebrate Halloween with our annual 1st grade Halloween Scavenger Hunt that we do at school.  The kids will travel around the school with us looking for clues and building a jack-o-lantern using short vowel words.  On Halloween we will allow students to wear a costume to school that is school appropriate (no weapons or other inappropriate items please) as long as it does not interfere with their school routine.  If it becomes a problem we will ask that person to take their costume off so please be sure your child has regular clothing on under the costume or in his/her book bag incase we need it.
          Keep checking our web page for updates, photos (we'll get them up as soon as we can), daily schedules, and first grade information.
    If you have any questions/comments/concerns please contact us by email: mguilford@genvalley.org
    (We may not be able to answer right away so if it's an emergency please call)
    Phone: 268-7900 ext. 1263 (Guilford) or ext. 1267 (Wesche)