• Buses and Bus Information:

                Transportation of students on the school bus is a privilege, and an extension of the classroom. Rules for student behavior are as much in force there as in any other school facility. School authorities can deny this privilege to any child who is insubordinate or disorderly. Any student wishing to be transported to a different location than usual must submit a note from a parent or guardian requesting such change. Such requests are to be submitted in the office with the morning attendance. No changes can be made after 1:00 p.m. In approved cases, drivers will be notified of changes.


    Bus Rules:

    1. Be on time at your stop. During inclement weather, driving conditions warrant extreme safety measures. Therefore, to maintain our time schedule, it is advisable to expect your bus to arrive early, especially if your stop is at the beginning of the trip.

    2. Parents should bring their children to school if they miss the bus.

    3. Wait until the bus comes to a full stop before attempting to get on or off.

    4. Go immediately to a seat (the bus driver may assign seats) and remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop or at the school.

    5. Help keep the bus clean.

    6. Do not destroy property.

    7. Violence is prohibited.

    8. No objects shall be passed through an open window.

    9. Keep arms, hands, and head inside the bus.

    10. Be sure to take all belongings with you when you leave the bus.

    11. Do not distract the driver while the bus is in motion.

    12. Be a courteous and responsible passenger at all times.

     For any questions or emergency please call William Weaver @  (585)268-7900 ext. 3105