A+ Virtual Learning

  • We have entered into a partnership with A+ Virtual Learning and the Salamanca City School District to create four virtual classrooms that will provide instruction for students who are out of school for an extended period of time due to illness, behavior, or quarantine.  

    What is the purpose of the Virtual Classroom?

    The goal is for students to receive some form of instruction to minimize the learning loss due to absence and to lessen the ongoing challenge of student absences from classes. 

    Who are the Virtual Classrooms for?

    The virtual classrooms are grouped as follows:

    • K-2nd grade
    • 3-4th grade
    • 5-6th grade
    • 7-8th grade


    How does the virtual classroom work?

    Instruction will be delivered by a NYS Certified Teacher and will provide the following:

    • A full day of lessons in ELA, Math, Social Studies, STEAM, and individual assistance with assignment completion. (8:15-2:30 daily)
    • Instruction directly aligned to grade level curriculum maps
    • Relief from the challenge of missing assignments for students (student work should be excused during enrollment)
    • Minimize the stress students and families feel from the great deal of work upon return

    What is the process?

    When we learn of a quarantine or extended illness, students will be enrolled, emailed general information and a link to the virtual classrooms.

    Is an Internet connection required?

    Yes. The classrooms are all online, so access to the Internet is necessary.

    What if I have questions?

    Please call the main office with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.