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    "When should I expect my child to say two-word phrases, produce consonant clusters, or follow 2 step directions?" "Does my child have the speech and language skills that are expected at his/her age?" These are questions are often asked of us as speech-language pathologists.  Thanks to researchers and clinicians who have provided us with invaluable information over many years, we know that typical speech and language development follows a predictable progression.   We found many different sources for communication milestones while creating this website and have tried to provide you with a snapshot of milestones for the major areas of childhood speech and language.  The information represents an average age at which most monolingual, English speaking children will acquire a skill.  If a child has not mastered a certain skill by the suggested age range, that does not indicate a disorder.  However, if most of the items in an age range have not been achieved, parents and professionals who work with the child should consider further investigation in this area. 
    If you have specific questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the speech department!!