Primary (K-2) English Language Arts Curriculum

  • Genesee Valley Central School District:
    A Comprehensive Primary Language Arts Program


    Reading Instruction

    The Genesee Valley Central School District has adopted the Super Kids reading program at Grades K-2. The Super Kids program was originally published by the Rowland Reading Foundation, a not-for-profit organization with the sole mission of  developing proficient readers by the end of second grade. The Super Kids program is aligned to the New York State Common Core Standards for Literacy at Grades K-2. Reaction by both teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive and it is safe to say that we all love the Super Kids!


    Writing Instruction

    Gensee Valley has embraced the 6 plus 1 Traits of Writing K-12. The Traits allow teachers to build common understandings and vocabulary around the Traits while developing wiring proficiency on the 3 styles of writing emphasized within the Common Core Standards. Primary teachers have developed curriculum maps that emphasize the Traits independent of the Super Kids program in order to better address the rigors of the Common Core Standards. Please feel free to contact me, Carol McCarville, or Brian Edmister for more information on the Traits!


    Curriculum Adjustments

    Each summer, primary teachers gather to review data results from the previous school year. Based on this analysis, teachers together identify priority standards for ELA and Math. Below please find a link to the 2016-2017 Priority Standards in Math and ELA PK.