• All Algebra 1 and Geometry students for the 2018-2019 school year should have:

    -3 Ring Binder (2")

    -3 Ring Binder (1")

    -100 blank index cards (3" x 5")

    -Pencils & Erasers 

    -Box of Kleenexes for a HW Pass by September 28, 2018




    If you are confused about any work, please join the Remind Class to text message me individually, completely secure and for free. I will also send out regular updates about homework, quizzes, and tests.

    For Algebra 1, text the # 81010 with the message "@gvalgebra".

    For Geometry, text the # 81010 with the message "@gvgeometry".


    Also, please go to emathinstruction.com and go to the correct subject (Algebra 1 or Geometry) if you need to be refreshed or are absent. At this website, you can watch the correct unit and lesson video. If you are absent and want to take notes, or need an extra homework sheet (these are really similar to the modified version I give to students), these sheets are available on this website as well.