• Our Team:

     For the 2020-2021 season our team consisted of 9 member ranging from freshmen to seniors all having at least one year of experience. 


    Dominic Marra our president is a three year veteran

    DJ Hale is a two year vet.

    Noah Hamilton also is a three year member

    Dakota Hemphill -our programer- has been with us for two years

    Payton Grantier is a late addition to the team and is in his second year

    Johnathon Baker also is in his second year

    Sofia Marra is another second year

    Paige Cochran is also on the list of second years`

    Finally, Lealah Greene is in her second year

    Our advisors are the key to our success and are essential to our growth as a team

    Mrs. Chicester is the long term advisor of the club being here since we did first robotics and iis the mother of the team

    Mr. Levine is our great tech advisor, allowing us to use his shop and always being there for any help on the robot or just anything else in robotics

    Our season would not be the same without our team and our advisors so thank you to all.