• Team Number: 5947

    Team Name: Genesee Valley RoboJags

    Lead Mentors: Mr. Justin Worboys and Mrs. Caitlin Bowen

    Forms of sponsor recognition: Argosy Foundation, Dresser Rand, Genesee Valley School, and Alfred State College

    Lessons Learned:

    1.     Be patient. Learning new things can be frustrating but if you ask for help, everything will eventually turn out okay.

    2.     It’s easy to get distracted with big ideas. This does not work with the amount of time you are given and time flies by. Keep the ideas attainable.

    3.     Communication is key when you have 20+ people working on one robot. If you don’t have communication things are left undone or done wrong.

    4.     Start fundraising as soon as you know you’re able to participate. The competition is costly and there are companies willing to donate.

    5.     Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone we asked went above and beyond to make sure we weren’t left in the dark.

    6.     Consider everyone’s ideas. Each person has something unique to contribute to the team.

    7.     There is always something to do, keep active.

    8.     Organize. Things can get pretty hectic and it helps to know where everything is/ what tasks people are given.

    Mentor and Student Quotes:

    “I believe success is learning from failure and reaching a goal.”

    -Andrew Edmister, Driver and Video Editor


    “The advice that I would pass to the team next year is to just have fun. It can be stressful, but work with your team and be supportive about your ideas. That could benefit the team in a good way and shows that you can your ideas.”

     -Brennan Torrey, Drivers Team and Mechanics


    “Gracious professionalism is the ability to work hard and be fiercely competitive without disrespecting other competitors. One works hard, but no at the expense of his or her opponents. Gracious professionalism is a mutual respect for one’s own work and the work of others.”

    -Imris Curry, Programmer

    Social Media & Contact Information

    Website - http://genvalley.org/domain/174 

    Facebook – Genesee Valley
    Twitter - @jaguarsrobo

    Instagram – robojags5947

    Snapchat - robojags 

    Phone – 585-268-7900

    Fax – 585-268-7990

    Email – robojags5947@gmail.com