• Our program:

    We are a play based program focusing on social skills.  Children will have many opportunities to play on their own and with others.  Through play they will learn valuable social skills including problem solving, reasoning, perseverance, and socioemotional awareness.  Along the way they will also be introduced to some academic skills including: vocabulary, colors, shapes, letters, and background knowledge.

    Classroom Visits:

    Parents please feel free to set up times to come visit us!  You are welcome to come for lunch, to read a book, or to just visit.  We have a parent volunteer form for you to fill out.


    Birthdays are a special time.  Please visit on this day if you can and bring your child’s favorite book to share.  If you can’t make it and want to send their favorite book, I will read it to the class. Please feel free to send in a small birthday treat.

    Book Club:

    A couple times this year I will send home the Scholastic book club order forms.  Feel free to order books if you would like.  Please write checks to Scholastic.

    What to wear:

    The children will be painting, coloring, playing inside and outside and doing messy things.  Please send children in comfortable play clothes.  Sneakers work best.  Flip flops are dangerous on stairs and outside.


     Rest time:

    We will have a rest time each day around 12:30.  Please send in a blanket and either a pillow or small stuffed toy for rest time.  We will keep the blanket here and send it home on occasionally to be washed. Children will be allowed to sleep or rest as long as they would like.  If you notice any issues with sleep time please let me know.

    Parent drop off:

    7:45am  Please walk your child to the classroom, help your child put their backpack and folder away, use the bathroom, wash hands, and get them settled and playing.

    Parent pick up:

    2:50 pm Children will be walked down to the Jaguar at the main entrance to be picked up. 

    Bus riders:

    The schedule you received is a tentative schedule.  Please be out 10 minutes early.  Parents must buckle children into car seats and come out to get children off the bus. We will be asking parents hold kids hands as they get off the bus.   Please let us know if there is any issue with the bus schedule, the first few weeks we will need to be a bit flexible as the schedule works out.  If your child will not be attending school on a particular day please call  Willie Weaver at the bus garage at 268- 7920 or text him at 610-5051 by 7:45 am.    


    Breakfast and Lunch:

    Both breakfast and lunch are free here at GVCS.  We will provide you with a menu.  Please let us know what your child likes/dislikes.  They will be provided the hot lunch listed on the menu unless you tell us otherwise.   If you choose to you may pack breakfast or lunch for your child.  Please try to send healthy snacks.  Given the children’s age it is hard to understand why they can’t all have cookies or candy, so we discourage them except on special occasions.


    We have a snack after rest time.  Please send in either a snack everyday or a larger snack that can be shared with other children.  I will have some snacks here if you forget.


    Each night we will send home a blue folder.  Please check for notes and return each day.

    Daily notes:

      Below is a copy of the daily note we hope to send home each night. 

                     3PK Happenings!

    Name_________                                                       Date ____________

    Today we ___________________________________________

    My behavior was:   Great        Pretty Good         Okay

    Comments: ______________________________________________________

    I ate:  everything           some            very little

    _____ I took a nap.           ____ I rested

    Bathroom news: _________________________________________




    Remind messages:

    Please feel free to send me messages through Remind.  I check the messages throughout the day.  However if it is a change in the bus schedule, or any message that needs immediate attention and I don’t reply, please follow up with a phone call to the school.  268-7900

    If you are not on the remind app yet please let us know!   we will sign you up.

    Extra set of clothes:

     Please send in an extra set of clothes.  If your child is working on potty training, you may want to send a couple extra sets.  Sometimes we just get messy at school and will need to change.



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    Thank you so much for sharing your child with us!  We are very excited to get to know your children and to grow and learn with them.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!  You can call us at school 268-7900, email  at kjohnson@genvalley.org or  nwesche@genvalley.org   or send a message on the remind app.