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    "Farcebook" Project

    • Use the research worksheet provided in class to create a Farcebook page for the character of your choice.
    • Be creative but also historically accurate with your choices for images and characters

    "Packing a Trunk" Project

    • Use the research worksheet in class to research 5 personal items and 5 colony items to place in your trunk.
    • Each class will design and create a trunk to place 1 item from your list in.
    • You will create a 3d version of your item with the 3d printer to place in the trunk
    • Part of your presenation will include telling the class why you chose this item

    "5 Themes of Geography" Project

    • Using the research paper provided in class, your group will design 1/5 of the class bulletin board as it pertains to your theme.
    • Be creative in your presentation, try to make it interactive.

    "Timeline" Project

    • Choose 3 events from the timeline (1 per person) from the following time periods.
      • Early Settlement
      • Gates/Dale Years
      • Growth & Stability or A New Gov't
      • Va Royal Colony
    • You will create a placard describing your event, along with an image, and place it on our class timeline.


    Each member of your 3 person group will be the "leader" for one of the projects.  You will be responsible for the presenation of that part to the class.