• Take your students anywhere with the Google Expedition Goggles! We currently have 10 VR Viewers available. You can also access through the free Expedition App on an iPad. expeditions logo

    1st grade google exploration


    This app offers both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and can be used with students K-12. 

    High School Goggle exploration


    If students are accessing the iPads they will need to log in using the following google account: 

    Username: gvcsvr@geneseevalleyschool.org

    Password: virtual1


    To find a tour, search tours and download the tour to your library! Go to classguide, get started, and click the tour you would like to take your class on. Click guide again. Once you hit the start button, the trip will begin. 


    To find a tour to join, students should go to class and join the tour that matches their teacher. If they do not see it, make sure that everyone is on the GVCS wifi and try again. 


    **For a video tutorial, click here or visit the Tutorial page!**