SWIM SCHEDULES 2018-2019


    Coach Clark

    October 15th-November 2nd

    January 21st-February 8th

    March 25th-April 12th

    June 10th-14th


    Coach Bradt

    September 10-28th

    November 26th- December 14th

    March 4th – 22nd

    May 20th – 24th


    Coach Clancy

    October 1st-12th

    January 6th-18th

    April 15th-May 3rd

    May 27th-31st


    Coach Schneider

    November 4th-20th

    February 11th-March 1st

    May 6th-17th

    June 3rd-7th

    Reminder:  Girls you need a one piece bathing suit, towel , and a bag to put clothes in.
      Boys you need swim shorts, a towel and a bag