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  • Assessor Information

    Please contact your assessor for any tax roll address changes you wish to make. This will affect where the bills are mailed to. Genesee Valley's tax collector nor the Allegany County Treasurer's office can make these changes or it must be done by the Assessor. If you need to add any third parties for billing, you can also do that with the assessor. However, it can take the assessor some time to make these changes. If you are worried about changes not taking effect on time, please notify me of the change(s) as well. If you simply just need a one-time change for the current school tax bill to be sent to a different address and not a permanent change, please email/call or mail in a request before August 25th so it will be noted before bills are sent out. If done after bills are sent, a copy of the bill will be sent to both locations. If you have any questions, please reach out.

    Other Important Contact Information

    • Allegany County Treasurer's Office: 585-268-9289
    • Allegany County Real Property Office: 585-268-9381

    STAR Program