Community School Background & Vision

  • Background

    Since 2013, under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Brian Schmitt, Genesee Valley Central School District has worked toward a plan to position itself as a community center to meet the various needs of our students, their families and the community.

    What began with reinventing idle lunchtime has blossomed into a Full-Service Community School that offers a suite of services designed to build physical and mental wellness as well as to ensure the basic needs of children and their families to foster greater academic achievement, inspiration, and motivation. From an original $1,500 grant that funded lunchtime exercise and interactive food preparation tools to half a million dollars in annual funding of rigorous and enriching programming, Genesee Valley’s campus and resources now serve as an important part in driving student success.


    The services offered are based on what our families, students and teachers tell us they need. We continually look at our programs to ensure they are effective and they are serving as many students as possible. We look forward to offering programs that support intergenerational learning through collaborative opportunities with senior citizens, community service opportunities through linkages with community-based non-profit organizations, and more.

    If you have an idea for a program or if you have a need not highlighted in our list, please contact us! We want your ideas. Our Full-Service Community School will be stronger with your input.