Dental Services

  • Dental Education

    Mosaic Health provides dental education to PK-5th grade students throughout the year. 

    On-site Dental Services

    Once per year, Mosaic Health offers dental services to all Genesee Valley students, grades PK-12. Available services include:

    • Dental Screening
    • Oral Health Education
    • Oral Exam by a Dentist
    • Dental Cleanings
    • Check-up X-Rays
      (2-4 x-rays that determine if there are cavities in between the teeth or under existing fillings that cannot be seen visually)
    • Fluoride Treatments
      (Up to 2 times per school year and will be applied every 3 months during the school year for students ages 6 and younger)
    • Dental Sealant(s)
      (A thin material applied to the pits and grooves on the chewing surface of the adult molars that help to protect the teeth from cavities)
    • Referrals if Needed
  • Mosaic Health

    Insurance and Billing

    All major insurance companies are accepted and will be billed accordingly. 


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