Class of 2020 Senior Shout-Outs

  • Gavin Hand

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 6/3/2020 1:30:00 PM

    Gavin Hand Today’s senior shout out goes to Genesee Valley senior Gavin Hand. Gavin will be attending Roberts Wesleyan for Sports Management.

    “Gavin is one of the most hardworking students I've had,” said Mrs. Scholes. “He puts in the time and effort and achieves great things. I will miss having a student like him who is motivated, driven to succeed and kind to all next year.”

    “Gavin is a hard worker in PE class,” commented Mrs. Schneider. “He likes the competition and has a good work ethic. These are tools that will help him succeed at the next level. Good luck with swimming and college Gavin!!”

    “Gavin Hand is a hard worker with a very determined attitude,” added Mr. Duttweiler. “He has a pleasant way about him. I am excited to hear about his future successes.”

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  • Isabelle Ordway

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 6/2/2020 3:00:00 PM

    Isabelle Ordway Congratulations to Isabelle Ordway, a senior at Genesee Valley Central School. After graduation she will be going into the United States Army.

    “Belle is a wonderful student and I absolutely loved coaching her in soccer and golf,” said Mrs. Schneider. “I asked her to be goalie because no one else would step up to the plate during her sophomore year. Without hesitation, she ‘dove’ right in! (Slight pun there as ‘diving’ wasn’t her favorite thing to do.) Our country is getting a good one and Belle will work hard and be committed to defending the USA. I look forward to seeing her in uniform when she returns to visit. I will certainly miss her in the hallways, classrooms, and fields of competition.”

    “Isabelle is such a fun person,” said Mr. Duttweiler. “She works hard and is always sensitive to the needs of others.”

    "Belle is an absolute joy to be around,” commented Mrs. Scott. “She is thoughtful and goal-oriented and contributes to class in meaningful ways. I will miss Belle tremendously next year!”

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  • Alaina Miller

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 6/1/2020 2:00:00 PM
    Alaina Miller Alaina Miller is today’s Genesee Valley senior of the day! Aliana plans to go into the workforce after graduation.
    Mrs. Scott describe Alaina with these words: “thoughtful, creative, and helpful!”
    “Alaina is a caring person who will help anyone in need,” said Mrs. Preston.
    Congrats, Alaina!
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  • Genevieve Greene

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/31/2020 9:00:00 AM

    Genevieve Greene Congrats to Genesee Valley senior Genevieve Greene!  Genevieve will be attending Alfred University and majoring in Childhood Inclusive Education.

    “Genevieve brought energy to every class and every interaction,” shared Mr. Duttweiler. “She will be missed!”

    “Genevieve's enthusiasm and love of life is unmatched,” said Mr. Anger. “She just seems to love people and enjoys interacting with them. I spent many times in between classes talking to her and listening to her, and I treasure and will miss those times.”

    “Genevieve will be missed in the hallways of GV,” added Mrs. Schneider. “She enjoys talking about everything in life and will do very well as a teacher. I will miss her glare, and her intense but positive look on the soccer field. Good luck Viv… I will miss you!!”

    Mrs. Babbitt said: “Genevieve is always very loving and the first to say good morning with a hug and a ‘how are you doing?’ I can always count on her to be honest and ready for a discussion. She has excelled in ceramics this year! And with a camera in hand you can guarantee that you'll be asked if she can take your picture. She is very creative and bold all the way around!”

    “Genevieve is a sharp, passionate, quick-witted young lady with a very bright future,” said Mrs. Scott. “I will remember Genevieve most for her boisterous personality and big heart! I can't wait to see where life takes her!”

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  • Dustin Gleason

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/30/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Dustin Gleason Congratulations to Genesee Valley senior, Dustin Gleason! Dustin will be attending Lincoln Tech for Welding.

    “My favorite memory of Dustin will always be when he wore a chicken costume for his school pictures,” said Mr. Anger. “He claims it was an eagle, but we all know better. I will definitely miss his sense of humor!”

    “Dustin is a hard working guy that will do well in his element,” added Mrs. Schneider. “He has a great personality and shows immense respect for me—I will miss giving him sneakers for class next year!!  Good luck Dustin!!”

    “Dustin is a great kid with real talent,” said Mrs. Scott. “He has some excellent insight on a lot of societal issues that we covered in class but what I'll remember him for most is the love and laughter he created wherever he went! I wish Dustin all the best in the future!”

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  • Emma Petrichick

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/29/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Emma Petrichick Congrats to today’s senior, Emma Petrichick! After graduating from Genesee Valley, Emma will be going to Nazareth College and majoring in Business Management.

    “Emma is strong and confident in her approach to life,” commented Mrs. Babbitt. “I have enjoyed my time with her in the art room and on art adventures. She isn't afraid to ask the tough questions and to demand the girl scout cookies! Congrats and good luck, Emma!”

    “Emma has shown where hard work and determination can lead,” said Mr. Bradt. “I've always enjoyed watching how she is not afraid of the bumps and bruises that come with putting her whole self into an activity.  Of the many memories I have, my favorite ones are being able to compete in practices with her. Her sacrifice to make others look good on the court exemplifies the unselfish and team-oriented person that she is.”

    “Emma is a force both in the classroom and on the volleyball court and I loved watching her excel in both,” added Mrs. Scott. “I know she will crush whatever goals she sets for herself and am excited to see where her journey takes her!”

    And from Mrs. Scholes: “Emma is hard working, driven, and trustworthy. She had a great sense of humor and I will miss seeing her every day.”

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  • Elise Petrichick

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/28/2020 10:25:00 AM

    Elise Petrichick Congrats to GV senior Elise Petrichick! Elise will be attending Alfred State College for Vet Science.

    “Elise is calm and cool as she creates and has great talent on the potter's wheel,” said Mrs. Babbitt. “I have enjoyed her personal and artistic style over the years. Good luck next year and congratulations!”

    Mr. Bradt had this to say: “Elise is a person with the ‘recipe for success’: strong, talented, hardworking, with just the right mixture of personality and humor. Although losing her from the boys volleyball team was hard as a coach, I was able to see her step up and create a strong bond with the girls team. Elise takes ownership in her role both on the court and in life. It has been an honor to watch her grow into a person who will not let others down. Taking on new challenges might lead to trials and mistakes, but I know that she will overcome any obstacle that stands between her and success.”

    “Elise is a fun, friendly, and talented young lady,” commented Mrs. Scott. “I love her sense of humor, but most importantly, I appreciate Elise being willing to share whatever snacks she had in her backpack! I will miss her humor and smiling face next year!”

    Mrs. Scholes added: “Elise is dependable, courageous, and a leader. She has a passion for animals and will succeed in her future as a vet tech.”

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  • Sarah Francisco

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/27/2020 9:20:00 AM

    Sarah Francisco Today’s senior shout-out goes to Sarah Francisco. Sarah will be attending Alfred State and majoring in Human Services.

    “Sarah is a great student with a fantastic smile and personality,” said Mr. Anger. “She is very good at participating in class discussion and always has something insightful to say.”

    “Sarah has been a pleasure to teach,” commented Mrs. Scholes. “She is a wonderful, hardworking, and motivated student. I will be eager to see where Sarah ends up, as I never had a student attend so many job shadows. Best of luck in your future, your smiling face will be missed.”

    Mr. Duttweiler added, “Whether Sarah was in my class or on my team, I could always count on her giving her best effort. She was straightforward with what she could commit to and what she couldn't. She never made a promise that she couldn't keep. I appreciate the way that she was confident with her opinion but polite in her delivery.”

    “I am really going miss this girl,” said Mrs. Schneider. “She’s been with me all four years for soccer and has grown immensely. Her leadership and personality shined bright this year. Good luck Sarah Jane!”

    “Sarah is a very talented artist and her work this year has been outstanding,” said Mrs. Babbitt. “I applaud Sarah’s willingness to take risks and to create inventive work incorporating her family and self into projects. Congrats Sarah and best of luck. Keep making art!”

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  • Austin Ford

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/26/2020 10:45:00 AM

    Austin Ford Congratulations to Genesee Valley senior Austin Ford! After graduation, Austin will be going into the United States Army.

    When asked about Austin, Mr. Anger had this to say: “Austin has a great sense of humor, and knows how to take it as well as dish it out!”

    “I have appreciated how comfortable Austin is walking to the beat of his own drum,” said Mr. Duttweiler. “His ability to be his own person in the midst of the pressures of high school is commendable. I am confident that Austin will choose his own path and stay on it, reaching the goal of his choosing.  Best of luck, Austin!”

    Mrs. Schneider added, “I have enjoyed Austin on the golf team the last couple of years. He has really improved his skills and was really looking forward to this season. I wish Austin luck on his adventurous next step in life!”

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  • Ethan Porter

    Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/24/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Ethan Porter We’re pleased to introduce Genesee Valley senior, Ethan Porter! Ethan will be attending College at Mount Saint Vincent for Business Administration.

    “Ethan is a creative, amusing, and a witty student,” said Mr. Scholes. “He makes any room a brighter place when he walks in.”

    Ethan has a great sense of humor that often surprises me,” commented Mrs. Babbitt. “He knows how to make me laugh and is very persistent and persuasive—which are great traits for the business world. He has a great eye for art and I can confidently say he will be missed in the studio. His confidence and personal strength have impressed me and will take him far. I am proud of you Ethan!”

    “Ethan joined my Gym Rat class on occasion for the competition, mostly in the volleyball and nitro ball because he absolutely loves the sport,” said Mrs. Schneider. “Ethan joined the Golf Team this year as a total newbie so I appreciate the courage to try something new—we shall gather to play one time as a team! Best of luck to you Ethan.”

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