Athletic Wall of Fame Nomination Qualifications and Procedures

  • Purpose

    • To help preserve the history of the Angelica Central School and Belmont Central School athletic programs
    • To preserve, strengthen and add distinction to the athletic program at Genesee Valley Central School
    • To perpetuate the efforts of those individuals and groups who through either participation, support or interest have made outstanding contributions to the Angelica, Belmont or Genesee Valley athletic program and school community
    • To recognize individuals who have demonstrated both in school and in succeeding years the worth of participation in athletics, in helping them establish well defined goals in their lives,  providing mature leadership in various situations and having a positive influence on society


    • Athletes
    • Coaches
    • Contributors
    • Teams

    Selection Procedure

    1. Nominations may come from any source to any committee member.
    2. No more than 5 inductees will be admitted per year ( 1 from Angelica Central School– 1 from Belmont Central School – 3 from Genesee Valley Central School
    3. Nominations in any one year are unlimited – the committee will reduce to vote (5 from Angelica Central School – 5 from Belmont Central School– 8 from Genesee Valley Central School)
    4. The nominees will be asked to fill out a questionnaire which will provide information used by the committee to make their decision on who to induct.  Any nominee that received at least one vote will be included on the ballot the next year for consideration.
    5. After March 1st of each year the committee will vote for a maximum of 5 total inductees.  Each committee member will get 5 votes.  Any admitted candidate must receive two thirds of the potential committee votes.
    6. All final selections and voting results are strictly confidential.

    Selection Criteria 


    • 5 year waiting period from the time of graduation
    • successful participation in one or more sports during their high school career
    • noteworthy accomplishments as a citizen will be considered based on post-high school contributions such as:
      • Athletics
      • Career field
      • Community service
      • Public service 


    • 10 year waiting period from the time of initial contribution to Genesee Valley
    • successful seasons and consistent contributions to the athletic program at Genesee Valley
    • consideration given to all aspects of contribution to the school community


    • 5 year waiting period from the time of graduation
    • must be at least Section V Champions

    Recognition of Inductees

    1. Induction ceremony will be held at the Genesee Valley Homecoming weekend in October
    2. A recent picture of the inductee will appear on the permanent plaque for the “Wall of Fame” area at the Genesee Valley Central School
    3. A personal plaque of recognition will be presented to those persons at a dinner reception in their honor.