STEAM Classes and Opportunities (7-12)

Building & Trades

  • The Building Science program with Mr. Werner is designed to provide 9-12 students with the opportunity to learn a variety of hands-on skills including carpentry, plumbing, and electrical basics, masonry, welding, and more! They will also learn life skills like financial literacy, communication, and teamwork. Some projects include residential renovation, sheds, tiny homes, and a whole lot more! 

Design for Entertainment Class

  • For students in grades: 10-12 (9th grade upon special request consideration)
    This class focuses on building understanding of entertainment industry production demands and methods. This includes designing characters, environments and props that go into entertainment media.

Creativity and Innovation

  • Tech Class

    For students in grades: 9-12
    This class focuses on developing fundamental maker and design skills as students are challenged with “real world” engineering problems. Students will work together both independently and collaboratively in a series of themed technological units to design, build and demonstrate solutions to problems using technology available in the Innovation Center.


  • For students in grade 8
    A single course that integrates three disciplines: social studies, English language Arts, and technology. This team-taught course allows students to delve deeply into a time period of history, read primary sources and complete hands-on projects related to their learning.


  • Robotics

    For students in grades: 9-12
    Students will be challenged to develop and produce solutions to problems posed in the robotics industry. They will be educated in the basic subsystems of a robotic system, taught to program using a C++ based coding language, and explore how robotics is changing the professional world as we know it. Students will also be required to compete in the VEX Robotics Competition in the early winter to test their design and building skills.

Jag Design

  • For students in grades: 9-12
    JAG Design is an elective class where students design and produce products, such as apparel, stickers and banners for school clubs and groups.

Family STEAM Night

  • Family STEAM Night Family STEAM Night is held each year and showcases the projects and programs available through the instructional program at Genesee Valley. The evening will feature a guest appearance from a nationally-known scientist, hands-on demonstrations and activities, and opportunities to connect with local businesses, industry leaders and colleges and universities. 

Independent Projects

  • Middle School students participated in the JASON Learning Recycling Contest:


    • create and design a recycling method that would improve infrastructure
    • create a 2-minute video for the contest


    1. Evan Yeaples
    2. Grace Darrin
    3. Molly Hannon
    4. Alivia Marra


    These students worked alongside the contractors during our capital project and members of our Maintenance Department to develop recycled PVC piping for construction projects created by recycling High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastics.

    Final Product

    Watch their final video here


    High school students can guide their own learning in an independent project of their choosing. Recent projects have included:

    • Python computer programming - Code This Game, Earsketch
    • Dobots - small industrial robots programming and setup
    • MicroArduino mini projects
    • Arduino projects
    • Processing .js (