Special Education Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    The mission of the GVCS Special Education Department is to provide individualized instruction in a student’s least restrictive learning environment. Students will be prepared to become productive citizens and lifelong learners through collaboratively working with parents/guardians, educators, and the community.


    The vision is to ensure that students with disabilities are challenged to meet realistic expectations that prepare them for sustainable employment, further education, and training. 

    1. Ensure that students with disabilities are provided access to the general education curriculum and extra-curricular activities in the regular education setting to the maximum extent possible with assistive supports to maintain the student in the least restrictive environment.
    2. Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations regarding students’ annual IEP reviews, reevaluation, and program updates.
    3. Using state and federal guidelines to maintain timely procedures for the identification processes for students suspected of having disabilities.
    4. Collect and analyze performance data in order to identify gaps in achievement by the district and school and pinpoint areas of strengths and areas of concern.
    5. Address student’s specific needs, which include academic, behavioral, and socio-emotional and progress-monitor on a consistent basis.
    6. Promote collaborative practices across educational settings between regular staff, special educators, and related service providers.
    7. Maintain a constant effort towards continued staff development on current educational trends and educational issues.
    8. Support and facilitate parent involvement/participation in the special education process.
    9. Ensure participation in and dissemination of information concerning the transition process for students with disabilities and their parents.
    10. Provide appropriate vocational services to students with disabilities.
    11. Incorporate a formative evaluation process to maintain continuous improvement.
    12. Collaborate with local, state, private, and community agencies to establish, implement, and maintain local interagency planning of programs for students with disabilities.