• Regents Earth Science 
    Grading Policy 


    L.    VanTassel


    The Regents Course  in  Earth Science consists of  14  units or topics found  in The Earth Science Core Curriculum published by New York State Education Department .  There are 33 laboratory experiences required  and a dedicated lab period  for all students.  Appropriate completion of  laboratory  reports  will be required  to sit for the Earth Science REGENTS EXAM in June.


    Scoring Plan

    Item                               Expected Frequency             Value


    Homework                   Daily                                      100 points

    Regents  Worksheets   Biweekly                                100 points

    Lab Write-up               Weekly                                   100 points

    Notebook                     Biweekly                                100 points

    Quizzes                         Occasionally as needed         100 points

    Tests                              Biweekly                               100 points

    Participation                 Every 5 weeks                       100 points


    Bonus points      Points  can be earned through correcting my spelling errors,  exhibiting insight and sharp thoughts through exceptional questions or  presenting world issues on current  topics of  Earth Science.
    Students also can  earn 5 points on each laboratory and homework assignment they  complete and show me at  least  one day before the due date.