Reopening - General Information

  • We are excited to be able to welcome all of K-12 students back to 5 days/week instruction on Monday, April 19th.  We are so excited to see all of our students again! If you have any questions, please give a call and we’d be happy to talk with you!

    Safety Protocols & Mask Wearing

    All of our current protocols, frequent hand-washing, sanitizing, mask wearing, and social distancing as possible will continue to be in place. 

    One question that has come up numerous times already is, “Do kids have to wear their masks all day?”  The short answer to this is, yes, however, mask breaks will be planned into the day at frequent intervals, and any time a student needs a break, all they have to do is ask for it and they can step away from others and catch their breath.  At the elementary level, we have a goal to have our kids get outside at least 3x’s per day.

    Transportation, Pick Up & Drop Off

    Students will enter/exit the building from the same doors they have been.  Both parent and bus pick up and drop off times will remain the same.

    Those who choose to ride the bus will need to wear a mask the entire time they are on the bus.  Temperatures will be taken and there will be an extra adult on each bus both morning and night.  Windows and hatches on the buses may be open for extra ventilation so be sure kids have jackets for cool mornings. 

    Schedules & Miscellaneous

    At the Elementary level, specials days may have changed, so please note the schedules that teachers will be posting and sending home with your children.  If you have any questions about new schedules, please contact your child’s teacher directly.  Elementary lunches will again be served and eaten in the cafeteria with recess following lunch time each day.

    Students in 7th and 8th grade received paper copies of their schedules. Students in grades 9-12 will be able to log on to PowerSchool Friday afternoon to view their schedule. If you need your PowerSchool log in information please call the school at 268-7900.

    All seventh and ninth grade students toured the MS/HS side of the building this week to get a sense of where their classes will be. Monday morning, members of the National Honor Society will be available to walk students to their homeroom if they need help.

    Middle and high school students should bring all necessary items with them every day in a backpack including their charged iPad. They will not be issued a locker.

Reopening FAQs

  • What about meals at school?

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    Breakfast and Lunch will be served in the Classroom each day.  Genesee Valley will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students.

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  • Will my child receive technology?

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    Each student in grades K-12 will receive an iPad or device.  Any necessary supplies will be provided and distributed the first week of school by individual teachers.

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  • What if I need to drop something off or pick up my child?

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    Parents dropping off/picking up students at a time other than dismissal are asked to pull into the front parking lot and call the Welcome Desk at (585) 268-7900.  If you are dropping off an item, please place it in the bin in the vestibule located in the Main Entrance.

    If you are picking up a student, please call and remain in the car for the student to exit the building.

    Visitors to the building will be very limited this year due to safety concerns.  If you need to come to the building, please schedule an appointment by calling 585-268-7900.

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  • Will my child have a locker?

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    Upon arriving at school, students will report directly to their first period class. Student belongings will be kept in their classroom. No lockers or locks will be issued to students.

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