Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Shawna Deal


Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."
-Edgar Degas

Art Room Objectives

  • The following objectives are meant to encourage your child to develop and strengthen specific 21st century learning skills which will help guide them as they continue on their artistic and personal journey.


    I CAN create a unique work of art either based on my own ideas or a themed project.


    I CAN talk about art. I CAN create art that communicates an idea.


    I CAN help my class make better art. I CAN do this by tagging, talking, and reflecting on projects.


    I CAN think about why an art object was made. I CAN judge the quality of a work of art.

Elementary Art Room

  • With each school year comes new things in the elementary art room. This ensures that this space stays a fun, safe, and familiar environment for our young artists. A place where each child can come to create and enjoy each others artistic talents. The images below show some of the fun ways the discussion/demonstration area has been changed, as well as, how there is a new more effective ways to utilize the sinks during cleanup. Hello, color "boxes!"