• Hi!!

    It doesn't seem possilbe that summer is almost over!! I am so excited to see what new adventrues this year brings for your children and me.  

    I will be teaching Social Studies 7, Math, and English at various levels.  When you come to the school on Wednesday, August 28 for Meet the Teacher Night.  I know many of you all ready, but there will be some new faces, and names to learn. 

    Your children will be learning new technology this year that they can use to help them through their school career, and in their after high school careers. 

    For many of you I will also be your child's case manager.  I will be sending home personal letters the 2nd week in August to introduce myself, and to forward on any information that is important for you to know. 

    A goal for me is to update, and use my website on a regular basis.  This way any information that you need to know can be at your fingertips with a click of the computer. 

    I hope to meet all of you at Meet the Teacher Night, and here is to a fantastic fun filled year!!



    Patricia Kozlowski


                                                                            Thank you for all that you do for your children!!