Steam & Innovation

  • What is STEAM?STEAM 8

    STEAM is a process of engaging learners in project-based experiences across multiple disciplines with an emphasis on creativity and real-life application.

    STEAM Learners

    • Solve real-world problems
    • Construct
    • Design
    • Present to real audiences
    • Develop soft skills
    • Direct their own learning

    “There’s a need in society for people to be able to learn on their own. We want to help students learn how to learn on their own without a recipe or cookie-cutter directions. We want them to design their own recipe for learning.” (Chris Gyr, Retired Founding Director of STEAM Learning & Innovation)

    STEAM Goals

    The district will promote the innovation of practice and new partnerships to enhance the PK-12 STEAM initiative at Genesee Valley CSD. This shall include the following:

    • Improved integration of the Genesee Valley Innovation Center into the curriculum
    • Continued focus on real-world application of skills being learned/increased opportunities for community involvement + inclusion 
    • The application of interconnected skills and ideas, in which problems are solved using an exploratory approach that causes students to think both critically and creatively 
    • Continued development of "makerspaces" for individual and class use 
    • The continued promotion of rigorous college credit-bearing electives, CLEP, and Advanced Placement courses.

    The district will research and develop an evening or weekend Adult Education Program that offers the community opportunities to use the resources within the Genesee Valley Innovation Center.