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Mask Wearing Update (June 7, 2021)

The pandemic roller coaster continues to provide an interesting ride. As you are aware, yesterday I announced an end to the mask mandate due to expected guidance to come today from the CDC, NYS DOH, and the Governor’s Office. The “expected” guidance did not come and we received a modified mask mandate. Therefore, the following will occur beginning tomorrow:
✅ All students, faculty, and staff must wear a mask while on a bus and indoors when proper social distancing may not be maintained (our guidelines as of last Friday).
✅ Masks are no longer mandated when outside.
NY State’s vaccination rate today was 68.6%. Governor Cuomo decreed that when the vaccination rate reaches 70%, all COVID related restrictions would immediately be lifted. Please encourage those who are not vaccinated to please get a shot so we may move to a normal summer as soon as possible.
My goal is to end the year in-person and enjoy the many great planned activities. We will send 70+ seventh and eighth graders to Washington, D.C. next week and I am looking forward to celebrating our graduating seniors. In order to do this, it will take everyone making good personal choices about mask wearing and social distancing.
At the beginning of the year I stated that we all need to be patient and demonstrate grace. Please continue to model for our students and the community these attributes as we ride this unpredictable roller coaster.
Brian Schmitt