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Tis the Season for viruses

Tis the Season for viruses.  Just a friendly reminder, if you find yourself (or your children/students) coming down with symptoms and questioning whether you should be pushing through and coming to school/work you may find these info sheets helpful.  Our area has seen an increase in RSV, Covid-19, and Flu, along with all the other illness that we see frequently - so please do your best to prevent the spread of germs and sicknesses to others. 
Also, despite our hopes that we would be past the COVID-19 topic, please be reminded that NYS Department of Health Guidelines are still in place.   We encourage you to test upon symptom onset if you suspect COVID-19.  If positive (day zero), one must quarantine for 5 days with return to work/school permitted on day 6 if symptoms have improved, wearing a mask through day 10.  If you test negative on days 6 and 7 you may unmask for days 8-10.  Please be sure to notify your supervisor as soon as possible if you test positive.  
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Kristin Fuller, RN

GVCS School Nursephone: 585-268-7915