Michaela Edmister

Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/16/2020 4:30:00 PM

Michaela Edmister Sports: Volleyball, Swimming, Golf

School Clubs/Activities: Drama Club, FBLA, Yearbook

Admirable Teacher: Mrs. Scott

Favorite Subjects: Gym

Preferred College or Pro Team: USA Women’s National Volleyball

Ideal Warm-Up Music: Our volleyball playlist

Go-To Game Day Food: Pasta

Best High School Sports Memory: “Crossing” myself

Advice for Future Students-Athletes: Never stop working towards your goals and always enjoy your time at GV

College and Career Plans: Attending JCC to complete the OTA program and play volleyball

Best Quote: “When life shuts a door, open it back up, that’s how doors work” (Unknown)

Thank yous: Thank you to Coach Bannerman for always pushing the team to our limits and helping us become the successful players we are. Thank you to Mrs. Scott for always being someone who I can come talk to. Thank you to my family for endlessly supporting me throughout my high school career.


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