Gabriel Snyder

Posted by Genesee Valley Central School on 5/31/2020 10:00:00 AM

Gabriel Snyder Sports: Soccer, Track

Admirable Teacher: Mr. VanTassel

Favorite Subjects: U.S. History

Preferred College or Pro Team: Alfred State

Ideal Warm-Up Music: No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Go to Game Day Food: Cheese Sticks

Best High School Sports Memory: Soccer—when Coach fell after he got his ankles snapped and his pants fell down for everyone to see. Track—Pinecone wars, Fun Runs, when Dutt fired his cap gun at me.

Advice for Future Students-Athletes: Do not take for granted the time you have in school, because it can be taken away in an instant. Enjoy school, but not too much!

College and Career Plans: Going to Alfred State for my associate’s degree in Welding; planning to move somewhere warm.

Best Quote: “Ocean Ontario” (Evan Windus)

Thank yous:

Mr. VanTassel: Thank you for teaching me wonderful things, life lessons, and being patient with me through Earth Science. Thank you for putting up with me during class and sucking on a salt rock for almost a minute. You have made a lifelong friend, and you have made #1 on my best teacher list. I hope retirement treats you great, you deserve it.

To GVCS: Throughout my school career, I never thought that high school would be as fun as it was. To all the teachers that helped me on my way and making high school fun—I will never forget you. You are all the best.


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